Monday, February 8, 2010

Walking home

Lol . Paige had to walk home by herself after school !
Lucky me, I have my mum to pick me up and drop me off to school :)
I drove past her and had the urge to honk the uh honkey thingy but decided not to
because she was walking behind these randoms and they might think I was trying to pick them up or something ... Eeep
Well she saw me, and we ended up talking... me driving, her walking. Fun !

I'll keep you posted ! ... Even though the only people who read my bloggings are me myself and I... and maybe paige :) Hi paige !


Lotza Love, Jooeun xoxoxo


  1. lolio. I would hav shat myself if u honked!!!!!

  2. Haha I was going to do that !
    But mum said that I'd probably kill you so...