Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Blog

Hello !!

This is my first entry (no shit) ... I have no idea what to write (because I don't)
I'll start by introducing myself. I'm Jooeun, Paige's asian friend :)
If you have read her blog, you would know that I, am a complete and utter blonde. (At heart)
Uhhh... I am writing from Paige's house. Oh btw, Jacinta is in hospital !
When Paige said that she loves jacinta more and wanted jacinta to get better mostest, she was telling the truth . Not really . I love you jacinta ! Get better soon !!! I love you most !! ... est :D

I (Paige) have finally got fid of my stalker ! aka: a short fat creepy dumbass
We threatened to report him for txt harassment :D Doesn't it sound fun ?!

Well I'm going to go now...

Byeee !!! xoxoxo

Lotza love, Jooeun

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  1. wateva i way luv cinta more!!! I have her pic on mi blog!!!!!!!