Friday, February 19, 2010

Stranded in the corner of my room thanks to 'Frend'...and my brain

Heres a new one...

Today I was cleaning my room when I saw a can of 'Frend carpet spray'. I decided to spray my carpet to make it look prettier. So I did it...but I did it while i was in the corner of my room so when I was finished, it looked something like this...

I know... Pretty stupid huh ?
I thought it only happened on tv, but no, it happens in reality as well...sigh
Eventually, I got out...thanks to my mum ! Credit to her for taking some pictures :D
Thanks mum !!
I'll keep you posted...
Lotza Love,
Jooeun xoxoxo


  1. You are such a retard its funny!
    I cant believe you're my friend!