Monday, February 22, 2010

Annoying ex-friend

Fcuking hell ! My EX-friend is REALLY pissing me off ! Paige too ! Today, me and my friends decided that we would all go into town tomorrow after school but out of the blue, Paige decides to invite the annoying one ! So I decided to txt her and pick a fight because SOMEONE is to scared to pick a fight . I'm getting REALLY pissed off with b****e right now !!! ...

I'm going to have dinner now...

Well ....

Uh ....

Byee !!!

Lotza Love, Jooeun xoxoxo

Friday, February 19, 2010

Stranded in the corner of my room thanks to 'Frend'...and my brain

Heres a new one...

Today I was cleaning my room when I saw a can of 'Frend carpet spray'. I decided to spray my carpet to make it look prettier. So I did it...but I did it while i was in the corner of my room so when I was finished, it looked something like this...

I know... Pretty stupid huh ?
I thought it only happened on tv, but no, it happens in reality as well...sigh
Eventually, I got out...thanks to my mum ! Credit to her for taking some pictures :D
Thanks mum !!
I'll keep you posted...
Lotza Love,
Jooeun xoxoxo

Monday, February 8, 2010

Walking home

Lol . Paige had to walk home by herself after school !
Lucky me, I have my mum to pick me up and drop me off to school :)
I drove past her and had the urge to honk the uh honkey thingy but decided not to
because she was walking behind these randoms and they might think I was trying to pick them up or something ... Eeep
Well she saw me, and we ended up talking... me driving, her walking. Fun !

I'll keep you posted ! ... Even though the only people who read my bloggings are me myself and I... and maybe paige :) Hi paige !


Lotza Love, Jooeun xoxoxo

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Attacked by a cow ?!

Haha yesterday when me and paige were videoing our dares (will soon be up on youtube)
I was attacked by a cow. Yes, a cow. A pregnant cow at that. We were also in the middle of town.
I went and stood by the cow, and all of a sudden, it comes and tries to attack me :S
Its put me off cows for a while. I'm going to stay away from cows ! Unfortunately, Paiges camera was out of battery at that time, so we couldn't get the footage. Sad really. We've had some good times this weekend.

I'll keep you posted !


Lotza love, Jooeun xoxoxo

Paige got 'served' by sodastream

Hahaha Paige was just sprayed by 'SODASTREAM' !!!
For those who don't know what sodastream is, its a device that makes water fizzy.
You might have seen it on the ads on t.v .
At least she had her hand on the top or it would have exploded on her ! Lol.
Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me so I couldn't take a shot of her getting sprayed on by 'SODASTREAM' !!! :D

Well thats about all I have to say for now.

Byeee !!

Lotza love, Jooeun xoxoxo

New Blog

Hello !!

This is my first entry (no shit) ... I have no idea what to write (because I don't)
I'll start by introducing myself. I'm Jooeun, Paige's asian friend :)
If you have read her blog, you would know that I, am a complete and utter blonde. (At heart)
Uhhh... I am writing from Paige's house. Oh btw, Jacinta is in hospital !
When Paige said that she loves jacinta more and wanted jacinta to get better mostest, she was telling the truth . Not really . I love you jacinta ! Get better soon !!! I love you most !! ... est :D

I (Paige) have finally got fid of my stalker ! aka: a short fat creepy dumbass
We threatened to report him for txt harassment :D Doesn't it sound fun ?!

Well I'm going to go now...

Byeee !!! xoxoxo

Lotza love, Jooeun