Saturday, February 6, 2010

Attacked by a cow ?!

Haha yesterday when me and paige were videoing our dares (will soon be up on youtube)
I was attacked by a cow. Yes, a cow. A pregnant cow at that. We were also in the middle of town.
I went and stood by the cow, and all of a sudden, it comes and tries to attack me :S
Its put me off cows for a while. I'm going to stay away from cows ! Unfortunately, Paiges camera was out of battery at that time, so we couldn't get the footage. Sad really. We've had some good times this weekend.

I'll keep you posted !


Lotza love, Jooeun xoxoxo


  1. hahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahaha!!!!!!
    gud tyms!!! the look on your face was priceless
    lolio! I LOVE that cow!!!

  2. That was fucking scary man !
    You really needed your camera on !