Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another weird dream

where to begin ....

a while ago, I had a dream that I was at bledisloe park hanging out with some mates, but all of a sudden, this huge dog came running up to me and started to attack me ! i panicked (can't spell?)
and started running for my life, this is when the pool comes in. theres this huge pool right in front of me and i turn around, and the dog is still chasing me . i look foward, and I see my friends sunbathing in those sun chair thingys and im yelling at my friends to come help me, and when they look in my direction, all they see is the dog . my friend jaqui , she yells to my friends; 'hey guys ! look ! ' this is when I think that shes pointing at me getting chased by a dog, but no. all she sees is the dog. so she says '...its a dog ! its a REAL dog ! guys !!! its a DOG ! omg ! ' thats when my friends turn around and start taking pictures of the dog. I give up on the idea of them helping me and jump into the pool thinking the dogs not going to follow me into the pool. i decide the best place to be is at the bottom of the pool ; so i swim to the bottom of the pool and close my eyes. then i realise that humans can't breathe underwater. i go into such a shock i accidently breath in ... through my nose but then i realise, im breathing ... underwater . i open my eyes to check if the dogs gone, but then i realise its humping my arm. i push the thing away, and swim back up . at that exact moment, my friends are rushing up to the pool and i thought they were coming to help me out of the pool , but all i see is them still taking pictures of the dog. thats when I woke up. I know; I have weird as dreams, but hey . Thats just me.

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  1. you are a freak nut ! you need to get a brain scan just to see if its still there ! ! !